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​새로운 연구 분야

Magnitude Normalization

Efficient encoding

Computational Psychiatry



Individual difference

조종사 인지기능

인지기능 저하

피로 누적​

​비행 안전

Coming Soon

Neural Manifold

demixed PCA

Sensory vs Mnemonic


Coming Soon


Decision-consistent bias

Working memory

Drift dynamics

Brain stimulation

Excitatory/Inhibitory circuit balance

tMS / tES

Surround Suppression

시지각과 의사결정에
관한 연구

Uncovering expectation hidden in a cortical network of dynamic Bayesian inference

Relationships between choice granularity and confidence

Normalization process between relative magnitude and absolute magnitude

Fundamental underpinnings of uncertainty in the relative magnitude

시지각 피질의 기능적
자기공명영상 연구

A novel kind of suppression in human visual cortex: orientation-specific surround suppression in polar space

Modulation of inhibitory circuit in visual cortex using tDCS

High-resolution 7T fMRI neuroimaging of visual cortex

작업기억에 관한 연구

Costs of representation update on working memory capacity

Computational and behavioral underpinnings of the sequential working memory

Distinguishing between the manifolds of mnemonic and sensory signals using dPCA

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