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시지각과 의사결정에
관한 연구

Decision policy updating from feedback 

Uncovering expectation hidden in a cortical network of dynamic Bayesian inference

Neural evidence of post-decisional modulation in working memory

Optimality of choice consistency in an uncertain world

Normative model of perceptual classification

Research: 연구

시지각 피질의 기능적
자기공명영상 연구

A novel kind of suppression in human visual cortex: orientation-specific surround suppression in polar space

Impacts of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on cortical activity in human visual cortex

Research: 연구

작업기억에 관한 연구

Impacts of passive memory representations on perception

Costs of representation update on working memory capacity

Research: 연구

기타 연구 주제

Functional connectivity of emotion processing during viewing visual narratives

Utility and use of accuracy cues in social learning of crowd preferences

Deconfounding eyeblink-locked pupillary response in pupillometry

Research: 연구
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